On Tue, 02 Sep 2014 08:26:47 +0200, SteveMe wrote:

> Yes, it was the progressive mode that was the problem. I am a bit frustrated
> that this is enabled by default causing me a sh*tload of extra work.

You can losslessly convert progressive JPEGs to regular ones by using

mkdir normal
for f in *.jpg; do jpegtran "$f" > "normal/$f"; done

This'll quickly convert all JPEG files to non-progressive ones, and save
them in normal subdirectory.

As for why progressive is the default, I'm guessing because progressive
JPEGs are usually a bit smaller, and because they've been supported by
pretty much all software for the last 15+ years, it's a net gain. The
better question is why doesn't your TV support a standard that's been
around since before the turn of the century.

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