Hello everyone :-)

I am a very new user to Gimp for Linux.
I do understand computers but I have not extensive knowledge of photo editing.
So this is what I would like help with.

I have a bunch of photos that I would like to resize and Watermark.

1. Is there a way I could resize all photos in a folder, or the ones I choose to
a certain width, height etc.?

2. I am trying to Watermark with text and a photo these photos.  I have used two
scripts which work pretty well.
I have found these scripts here :

I have managed to make them watermark just fine.

If someone knows of a way to watermark multiple photos that would be great.
I have found this software http://www.daanav.com/watermark-software-for-linux/
but it does not do the job I need.

3. I have a problem with cropping in an oval shape the photo I want.

I took a photo and used the oval selection tool.
Then cropped to selection but it does not select only the oval shape, but the
whole rectangle.
Then I choose Image - Grayscale and I export.

The problems I have are two:  When I watermark with that picture, I see the
rectangle and not the oval shape, and most importantly I see the selection saved
with the photo.

What you see in the picture is what I get after I watermark.
It is the photo which is cropped in an oval shape, but it seems that when I
saved it, it saved the rectangle selection as well.
Also if the background is not white, then I can see the white rectangle as

Could someone please help me?



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