coatli wrote:

No.  See 'OS X' section:


Hi Chris,
thank you so much for your reply!
I did manage to successfully download and install the Gimp for Mac OS X;
(the torrent download didn't work, so i did follow this link.)
however, the help manual did not install.
I then searched a  few different links/sites for it, including:
GIMP help files are available at
which only led me to this big weird list which i did not understand.
(A lot of this stuff was way over my head, like what "tarballs"are and all that…
If they are only online, I hope not because I usually cannot access internet— I
really hope for a manual I can download!)
For the manual download I did a google search too;
I also tried,
and I also tried, and from there I finally found a
download manual! —
however, after installling it and getting the installation successful
confirmation, it still did not work. L
An error notified me that it was not installed, when I tried to open Help in
I tried re-installing it three times, with no success!
Do you have any suggestions for me on what I can try to get the Gimp help manual
downloaded to my iMac?
I'd be super grateful!
Thanks, Coatli

I'm not sure if it's related, but the language of the help pack has to match the GIMP interface language (at Edit > Preferences > Interface > Language). For example, if the interface language is set to US English (en_US) it will look for a US English help pack and won't find a UK English help pack. Either change the interface language to match the help pack, or install the help pack matching the interface language.

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