On 10/09/2014 05:38 PM, Bob Long wrote:
chefebe wrote on 10/10/14 10:25:

In violation of good forum behavior I am commenting on this eternal, and very
old thread because that is all I have the bandwidth to do.  I also hate the
export feature.  I even keep an old Linux system around that has 2.6 on it so I
can quickly do simple edits because of this annoyance.  I finally decided to
google "gimp hate 'You can use this dialog' "  and behold, a plethora of painful
and ignored requests were returned.  I would love the option to choose which way
to have it behave.  Does that not satisfy both camps?
Did your searching reveal this possibility?


(I've not used it myself; I'm happy enough with the save/export

I too am unable to understand why this is such a problem, but I am replying to Bob Long's comment because my name is Bob Short and I can't resist.

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