I'd like to add my penny's worth on this discussion.
My primary use of gimp involves editing photographic images, 
for both web and print purposes.

On 11/06/14 05:04, Elle Stone wrote:

> Speaking as a developer (you all keep telling me I'm a developer), a
> crucially important guiding principle for writing a high end image
> editor is that you never mess with the user's RGB data without the
> user's explicit consent.
> If you *ask* the user whether they want to have their data treated as
> "bonified same as GIMP's sRGB" and then use optimized sRGB-only code,
> that's one thing. Doing so behind the user's back, without their
> consent, that's another thing. That is disrespecting the user's
> control over their RGB data.

This is critical.  If I'm working with a wide-gamut profile, I really
really really don't want gimp screwing with the rgb data without my
say so.  Even if the result is not obvious visually, I need a heads-up 
so I can pay close attention to what's happening and undo the operation 
if appropriate.


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