Hi Alex,

>>> If you *ask* the user whether they want to have their data treated as
>>> "bonified same as GIMP's sRGB" and then use optimized sRGB-only code,
>>> that's one thing. Doing so behind the user's back, without their
>>> consent, that's another thing. That is disrespecting the user's
>>> control over their RGB data.
>> This is critical.  If I'm working with a wide-gamut profile, I really
>> really really don't want gimp screwing with the rgb data without my
>> say so.
> Frankly, I'm puzzled. It's been, how many? 8 years? since GIMP asks
> users what it should do with a picture that is tagged with a profile
> that doesn't match the current RGB working space. Has anyone actually
> suggested that this is going to be otherwise? :)

Maybe I'm misunderstanding the discussion.  Gimp asks when one opens an 
image what one wants as the working colorspace.  But we're talking 
about operations *after* the image has been opened and the working 
colorspace has been established.

Once I establish the colorspace, I expect all operations to be performed
in a manner which is consistent with and preserves that colorspace.  If 
some operation deals in some other space without my knowledge, that's
not good.  

My apologies if I'm misunderstanding the discussion.

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