When one single image is open, how do I:

1. Select one small portion of the image and drag it? I tried using the select 
tool and can't make it work.

2. Negative or reverse color polarity. Ie: reverse color profile.  White to 
black. Black to white for example. 

3. Flip or mirror an image so that I can surround a center image with 2 mirror 
images of a second graphic on each side?

4. Paste into one image a 2nd imahe and manipulate them. Some programs you have 
to flatten the images into 1 image and then proceed to select a small portion 
of the greater image to drag, resize, etc to position next to the other image.

I have attached an image as an example. This was originally several images I 
had to drag and resize and drop in and alphabetize, reverse color profile on 
the "equalizer" image portion then mirror image it to use for left and right 
positioning. I had to resize the crown while it was inside the greater image. I 
found all of this quite difficult to do with GIMP or not all able to be done 
per my knowledge of the product. It was very frustrating.  I spent 2 hours 
trying it with GIMP, but gave up and used another program on a friends laptop 
on 20 minutes.  I am very excited about gimp and want to learn more.

Joseph L. Noel
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"Try not to be a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value."
-Einstein, Albert

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