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> Subject: [Gimp-user] Image portion select and drag.
> When one single image is open, how do I:
> 1. Select one small portion of the image and drag it? I tried using the 
> select tool and can't make it work.

You need to 'float' the selection (e.g. detach it from the source layer) before 
you attempt to drag it around, otherwise, clicking and dragging will only move 
the selection 'mask', not the selected contents.  To float a selection you use 
the "Float" command from the Select menu, or I believe the keyboard shortcut is 
Ctrl+Alt+drag (the statusbar will change to read "click and drag to move 
selected pixels" when you get the modifiers right).

> 2. Negative or reverse color polarity. Ie: reverse color profile.  White to 
> black. Black to white for example. 

In the Colors (or was it Layer?) menu.  There is actually more than one way to 
reverse 'color polarity', but it depends on what colorspace/model is being 
used; the standard Invert command uses the default RGB space.

> 3. Flip or mirror an image so that I can surround a center image with 2 
> mirror images of a second graphic on each side?

Under Image > Transform.  (If you image contains multiple layers, use the Layer 
> Transform menu instead to adjust a single layer at a time.)

> 4. Paste into one image a 2nd imahe and manipulate them. 
Some programs you have to flatten the images into 1 image and then 
proceed to select a small portion of the greater image to drag, resize, 
etc to position next to the other image.

Mind your terminology.  Under the Edit menu you can say "Paste As > New Image" 
but then you wind up with two completely separate image windows with zero 
interaction between them; you're probably asking about "paste as layer" (also 
available in the Edit menu).  Alternately, when layer positioning is important 
you can do a regular paste, and while the selection is still floating go to the 
Layer menu and select "To New Layer" which will unfloat the selection and make 
it a new layer on top of the old one. 

-- Stratadrake
Numbers may not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth.

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