On 11/19/14 18:45, HarryA wrote:

> I have photo of my wife which is an up close shot of the face.
> Because she is near sighted the view of eyes through the tri-focual  lens are
> made so small such that the side of the head shows through the lens.
> I have removed the eyes to  separate layers (left and right eye layers)  when
> the three layers are made visible it looks like the original image.
> But no matter how I try I can not resize an eye image without the other 
> layers 
> getting resized also.  I can not un-anchor nor dissociate  the eye layer from
> the face?
> The layers are not anchored together in the layers dialog. 
> How does one do that?

You are probably resizing the image and not the layer.

Try this:

1. Make the left eye layer the active layer.
2. Use the rectangle select tool to make a selection around the eye 
   and quite a bit more, but smaller than the whole image.
3. Layer / Crop to selection
4. Clear the selection (Select / None)
5. To make the layer larger:
      Layer / Scale Layer

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