>This looks to me like the normal anti-aliasing that you get by
>although it's a bit difficult to tell because the Calibri font is not
>on my fbsd system.  It you want a sharp transition from black to
>deselect the anti-aliasing box in the font tool.
>What exactly do you mean by pixelated?
>All text will appear pixelated if enlarged, which this image has been.
>What are you expecting it to look like?
>The font box above the text indicates a size of 100 pts, 
>which that text clearly is not -- assuming the rulers are set in
>The font tool on the left says 18 pt, which it appears to match
>Can you post an image made with the "Sans" font, and post the image
>not a screen shot?
>The one thing which looks strange to me is that letters such as 'i',
>in some fonts such as "Sans" has solely vertical and horizontal lines,
>appears anti-aliased.  Since I don't have the Calibri font I'm not
>sure what
>it *should* look like.  In the "Sans" font an "i" has sharp
>transitions from
>black to white, even with anti-aliasing on.
>Exporting to jpeg will never improve pixelation issues.  In general, 
>converting to jpeg will soften transitions.

Thanks Gary.  Sorry for the layover on getting back on this.  After checking the
things you suggested, I'm thinking my problem might be in how
viewing/measurements is set up.  A 640x400 workspace, set to view at 100% is
taking up almost the whole screen.  And it's showing a 12 pt font to be
enormous.  I'll dig into those settings later today and report back if I find
anything that might be an east solution.  Thanks again.

Lougha (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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