On 29/12/14 16:25, Lougha wrote:
Thanks Gary. Sorry for the layover on getting back on this. After checking the things you suggested, I'm thinking my problem might be in how viewing/measurements is set up. A 640x400 workspace, set to view at 100% is taking up almost the whole screen. And it's showing a 12 pt font to be enormous. I'll dig into those settings later today and report back if I find anything that might be an east solution. Thanks again.

If a 640x400 canavas at 100% is taking almost the whole screen, you have a very ancient screen (800x600, or even 1024x768...)(is that a CRT?). If you have a moderately recent LCD display (10 years or less) make sure you are working at its native resolution (which is usually the maximum resolution you'll be able to choose in the list).

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