thank you for your answers.

Starting by the last one,

> Maybe he is referring to Portugal's portuguese
> https://l10n.gnome.org/languages/pt/gnome-gimp/ui/
João, I am, in fact refering to Portuguese-Pt, pt-Pt. I'm sorry but I'm
not sure if I can help you. As you know, our countries use many
different terms for the same English words. But if you think so, just
say and I'll send the translations for you to review and adjust, when I
get them done. It would be some less work to do.

Alex, no problem by me, it's a common confusion. ;-)

Jehan, sorry, I always forget of the attachments strips. Here
<https://www.dropbox.com/s/l5klr20he0xpqka/gimp.png?dl=0> is the file.
Your explanation is a lot more complete then I expected. And more
complex too.

I am part of the Portuguese Gnome translation team. So I already used
DamnedLies to suggest lots of stuff, and submitted it to Duarte Loreto's
I use poedit to edit the files which, as you know, creates a .mo file
The problem I found is the only files I managed to locate were at
'usr/share/locale-langpack/pt/LC_MESSAGES' and none of them matches the
ones I downloaded from DamnedLies.

I thought I could just copy/paste the newly created .mo files and test
the translation. My mistake, huge mistake.
All that process you suggest, that will have to be studied. Besides, if
I understood well, it means some kind of overriding the team, which I
don't want to do.

Again thank for your answers. I'll complete the translations and upload
them to DamnedLies. For now. After that I'll see what else I can do to
test the translations, using your advices.

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