>Hi there,
>I just wanted to inform you that I've started to make some video
>tutorials about the use of the G'MIC plug-in for GIMP. I guess that it
>could interest some of you. Here's the link to the Youtube G'MIC
>channel : www.youtube.com/channel/UC05Y8hpbFOSQ4ivh01R_1AQ
>These are quite short videos (3-4mn each) that illustrate how to
>perform certain tasks in GIMP. I have done already 6 episodes, which
>are :
>#1 : Face Swap in GIMP using Seamless Blending.
>#2 : Using Pack Sprites Filter to Render a Cool Logo.
>#3 : Descreen Image using Fourier Transform.
>#4 : Easy Skin Softening in GIMP using G'MIC "Smooth Skin" Filter.
>#5 : Mimic Fractalius Effect in GIMP.
>#6 : Easy Image Montage in GIMP.
>I'm planning to add more, if people are interested. If you have any
>ideas of things we could add, just let me know. Also, a new major
>version ** of the G'MIC plug-in has been released yesterday :)
>Don't forget to update (or to install it if this is not already
>done!), at : http://gmic.sourceforge.net/gimp.shtml

Hi David, 

Thanks for your offer.  I really would like to see how to make a cube with
pictures on all sides and to have the cube like dice would roll.  I have the
cube made and I had it roll before GIMP was updated and now I am not sure how to
do that again using G'MIC.  Thanks again

* http://www.gimpusers.com/system/attachments/184/original/cube.gif

DawnJBJ (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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