This is especially for GIMP developers.

Many times I am working with GIMP I want to like draw shapes on the same
transparent layer and later move them around in different positions. However,
it's not easy (in GIMP) to just select an area of a given shape and reposition
it on the same layer without using cut and paste. Another way would be to draw
shapes on different layers each then I can move them; but that's a work around I
don't want.

In some other applications like paint.net, I could draw shapes on the same
transparent layer and later click any shape and move it in a different position
and even rescale. This is possible in Krita and Photoshop and I think it's so
handy to work that way.

Could we have the same implemented in GIMP?

See attached screenshort for easy reference.


josephbupe (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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