> I have a long list of images (wallpapers/backgrounds).  Just for the
> sack of argument, let's say that I have
> 500 images. Can I perform a "bulk" image resizing by selecting all the
> images and have Gimp perform a resizing?

This is a task likely better suited to a different tool, such as
Imagemagick (http://www.imagemagick.org/) convert or mogrify.

> My monitor is wide-screen (1370-800 (approximately)).  Some of the
> wallpapers are set to a resolution greater
> than the monitor size; example XYZ image is set to 1400-900.  I want to
> make all the wallpapers the save size
> without having to perform the task by selecting one image at a time.

If all the images are in the same directory, and you know for sure that you
want all of them to be a certain dimension, say 1370px wide, and they are
all JPG files, then you could use the command:

mogrify -path OUTPUT-PATH -resize 1370x *.jpg

That will resize all the .jpg images in the directory to be 1370px wide,
maintaining the same aspect ratio, and saving them to the OUTPUT-PATH.  If
there is already a sub-folder called "output" for instance, then the
command would look like:

mogrify -path output -resize 1370x *.jpg
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