On Sun, Mar 29, 2015 at 3:54 PM, 何欣桐 wrote:
> There are several open-source fonts (such as GNU FreeFont, Linux Libertine, 
> Dejavu fonts,  Liberation fonts) use OpenType feature for special 
> typesetting. BUT in the GIMP, I cannot find the way to use OpenType feature 
> for them, such as alternative glyphs and swashes, optional or historic 
> ligatures. How to find the way to use OpenType feature in GIMP?


There's no direct access to OT features in GIMP yet.

However you can use your system's character map or some sort of
advanced font manager to copy/paste glyphs.

For example, you can open a font in Fontmatrix (fontmatrix.be), go to
Glyphs view, enable copy mode (button in the bottom), then click on
glyphs to add them to the text field below, then copy/paste from the
text field to GIMP. You are likely to find at least some of the custom
glyphs in the Unmapped section in the Glyphs view.

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