On 04/10/2015 02:57 PM, MikeH wrote:

> I am trying to use Gimp as an alternative to Photoshop CS2. I use the "History
> Brush" a lot but can't find something similar in Gimp. Any suggestions please

The same results as the History Brush can be obtained by working on
layers within an image in the GIMP.  Basically:

1) Duplicate the layer you are about to do things to, or in the
Layers dock do "New from visible" to get a layer that includes the
result of previous layers combined.

2) Do things to your new layer.

3) In the Layers dock dialog, do "add layer mask", accept the
default setting - a white mask that leaves all parts of the image
layer visible.

4) Paint (or fill selections) on the mask layer in black, to "undo"
the changes to parts of your new layer.  To leave the changes in
your new layer partially visible, paint or fill with shades of gray;
to do this progressively, i.e. blend edges etc., set the brush
tool's opacity to some value less than 100%.  Then, additional
strokes will progressively darken the area of the mask you are
painting, progressively revealing the layer(s) below the one you are
working on.

Different tools, different workflow, same result.




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