One more time. My apologies. The screenshot I linked in my last email was 
through a school account, that only allows access to the school users, as far 
as I can tell. The following link should take you to an image that demontrates 
my problem.

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Subject: Opacity in background image after using Quick Mask mode

Time (GMT): Apr 13 2015 19:22:50




I am attempting to remove the backgrounds of some scanned grayscale jpg images, 
using the free select tool to rough outline the selection, and adjusting the 
selection for fine details using the quick mask mode (see attached screenshot). 
This requires switching to RGB mode. After refining the selection, I switch off 
Quick Mask mode, invert the selection, and then clear the background. After 
clearing, I end up with patches of opaque color where I drew over the image to 
alter the selection. Not sure what I could be doing wrong. Can someone please 
help me with this?

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