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> I am new to GIMP and using version 2.8.14 on a Mac with Yosemite. If I want to
> convert an image to a tif file I use Save or Save as but do not get the tif
> option. If I go to Export, tif is an option. However when I use the tif option
> it saves the file as a png and NOT as a tif. Help! 

TIFF and all the other non-GIMP file formats are done via Export.

The usual way to do this is to invoke the Export Image dialog and type
the file name and the file name extension of the format you want to use,
e.g. image.tif

For the default cases, you will not have to use use any format selector
drop-down at all - those come into play if you need to force a file type
but have to use a file name extension that would imply a different one.

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