On Sat, 2015-04-18 at 17:31 +0200, charneys wrote:
> I am new to GIMP and using version 2.8.14 on a Mac with Yosemite. If 
> I want to
> convert an image to a tif file I use Save or Save as but do not get 
> the tif
> option. If I go to Export, tif is an option. However when I use the 
> tif option
> it saves the file as a png and NOT as a tif. 

Export is correct.

How did you determine that you ended up with a PNG file?

In Terminal you can try running the "file" command on it to see, e.g.
file my-left-foot.tif
(the last few letters of the filename, ".tif" here, can be anything, 
and do not determine whether a file contains a TIFF or JPEG or PNG 

> Help! Could you respond directly to
> me at charn...@hotmail.com
> Thank you.

(I think I can't sent mail to hotmail users from this account, hmm)


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