I have a bunch of photos that are exactly the same in dimensions

I want to make an album out of these, and the album should be a png file

So something like this:

If you look at the picture above, the white ones are the photos, the red is the
background image that I want to use. Each photo should also have a label below
it, like AB-90, etc.

The final product should be a png file.

I know I can do it manually using gimp but the problem is there are over 100
images and doing it by hand will take forever, and if I do it by hand the
distances between the images may not be uniform. In fact I have been doing it by
hand since last night and I got frustrated and gave up.

I want to somewhat automate this using gimp. is that possible?

What is the least painful way of doing this? 

anonymousbrad (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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