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Hi darxus,

> http://www.chaosreigns.com/code/dl/Gay-flag.ggr
> I just made it, based on the colors from
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainbow_flag_(LGBT_movement)

we've discussed the best name for the gradient - 'gay flag' as such
seems to be imprecise.

I think using the names as in
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_symbols#Flag_gallery is a good choice
- and thus we could use Rainbow flag.

> I'm pretty confident it's perfect.

The color of the left and right end point of the red stripe are slightly
different - is this intended?

Overall, the colors you have used are different to the HTML notation
used on the Wikipedia page - it uses color keywords. They are also
different to the colors of the six-color flag shown there.

I'm not sure if exact matches matter, but still would be curious how you
did get the colors you've used.

Adding that flag gradient:

If we add the flag gradient for the symbol it represents, we might want
to consider to add gradients for a few other flags from the gallery
linked previously, and use the names provided there.

In regard to including gradients at all:

We've had a few gradients for national flags in releases in the past
(French, German, Mexican, Romanian). They do still exist in our code
repository, but have been marked as obsolete:

In general, we have reduced the number of resources that come with GIMP
by default. Adding some resources that have a meaning beyond their mere
technical use is interesting to some people, of course.

Adding any of them has the potential to generate a lot of discussion -
I'm fine with that for any gradients resembling any of the flags linked
in the aforementioned gallery, but also a bit less frilled about some of
the discussion that might happen around some religious, political or
national flags.

>From a more technical point of few, figuring out the best and fastest
way how to use the possible gradients to create some flags in GIMP - in
particular if the pattern isn't pales or fesses - is an interesting

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