On 06/27, Dora Smith wrote:
> Thanks, darxus.
> I have a suggestion, though.  People really want to celebrate events
> this week, which maybe not by coincidence coincides with Gay Pride
> Week, and not in a couple of years when the new edition of GIMP
> comes out.   You can make any GIMP add-on and circulate it on line,
> and see if it catches on.
> Send me your script privately, and tell me how to use it, and I'll
> try it out myself.  I feel like celebrating.   It's been one of
> those our entire culture shifts completely in one week weeks.

Everything there is to it is in the link I initially provided:
(identical to http://www.chaosreigns.com/code/dl/Rainbow-flag.ggr )

To use it, look up how to use gradient files with gimp.  You put the file
in the gradients directory in you gimp folder (which in my case works out
to the file being /home/darxus/.gimp-2.6/gradients/Gay-flag.ggr ), then
click on the gradient tool, then select the gradient.  Then click and drag
across your image.

> By the way, Darxus, I know one doesn't normally do this, but I'm so
> sure you did NOT mean to discuss this only with me, especially as
> you specifically addressed yourself to someone else, that I'm
> posting it back to the list. I'm not the only one who thinks
> gradients grade, and I'm not who you wanted to tell they can use
> gradients to make their gay flag.  This list is set up so you have
> to reply all to reply to the list, and that is so unusual I fail to
> do it half of the time.

I'm confused about why you believe this, but I'm confident that I did what
I meant to do, and I'm fine with your forwarding it to the list.  
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