>I just tested and every time you use te text tool it could happen the 
>  * If you click on an existing text you will edit that text
>  * If you click outside any text layer a new /text layer /will be
>    created where you can add your text.
>The text layers are special because you can edit the text later on, 
>unless you apply any filter that can convert it to a image layer.
>If you want to create a text just in top of another text you can
>create it in other place and then move it where you want to or you can
>hide the layer and then put the new text where you want (you can hide 
>the layer with the icon of the /eye/ in the layers control)
>Create a new document and play a little with the text tool, that will 
>give you an idea of how it works, its quite intuitive.

Thanks so much for replying to my issue!!  Really appreciate it!  I actually
fixed the problem accidentally by moving the project from my laptop to my
desktop computer.  Guess that's where I will do all myRua projects in the

VisionaryHag (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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