>Eh, if he's just trying to drop the quality by keeping the same size,
>it's best to just scale the image down and back up again with no
>interpolation. Like you said, using CSS would look awful cause all
>browsers will scale the image up with interpolation unless he wants to
>use an HTML canvas and use tricks there but that's not even worth the
>- Kasim
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I think I may have figured out the answer. What I'm trying to do is the
equivalent of taking a screen grab of a 15mb tiff image, which turns it into a
obviously lower quality tiff image of the same dimensions. Is the equivalent of
achieving this with gimp to simply reduce the dimensions and then use the zoom
function to enlarge the smaller picture? Is that effectively what "Grab" does?

Thank you

chrislz (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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