>Okay, when I hold down my mouse and keep moving it nothing shows until
>I stop pressing or do nothing for 2 seconds.
>This has never happened to be before in gimp. I have no issues in
>Krita/other paint programs on Linux or Photoshop 6 with wine. None of
>my other programs are acting up at all. I have always used this
>computer. I tried purging and autoremoving. It does the same with Gimp
>2.6 as well. This has never happened before on this computer with
>Ubuntu 12.04 Precise AMD Toshiba. I even deleted the hidden .gimp 2.6
>and .gimp 2.8. Reinstall it and same issue.
>Version and short video of the issue:


*Link fix:*

zutokaza (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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