Dear folks,

Gimp 2.8.14 for Windows
Windows 7

I love GIMP. I've been working with it for years. 

A couple weeks ago, GIMP 2.8.14 stopped working on my computer. I have a Toshiba
Qosmio that runs Windows 7. (I know. *Windows.*) I have not downloaded any new
programs or had a Windows update that I know of.

Gimp starts up okay, and then I get about 3 clicks (any 3 clicks, not a
particular set of commands,) and then it stops responding. It doesn't shut down,
but it won't respond. Even if I'm in the middle of opening a file, clicking
within the Open File window doesn't do anything. If I've opened something and
have started doing something, like selecting an area, then I can't change tools
or select or deselect any more. The keyboard shortcuts, arrow keys, track pad,
etc., also don't work.

I have to start the Task Manager to close Gimp. In the Task Manager, it says
that Gimp is "running."

Inkscape is doing the same thing.

Things I've tried that have not worked:

Changing the name of AND deleting the "settings" file in the Users folder
Uninstalling and reinstalling (I know it's not supposed to help, but I tried
Doing both of the above at the same time.
Restoring my computer to a restore point back when GIMP was working.
Removing the wireless mouse and just using the trackpad.
Above and trying the arrow keys or shortcut commands.
Just waiting for 30 minutes to see if it's horrendously slow. (nope.)
Closing other programs or processes via Task Manager.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I don't want to have to get Photoshop. I really

Thank you in advance,

TKK (via
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