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> On Saturday 12 September 2015 15:26:35 Pat David wrote:
> > Is there an antivirus running?  We've heard some reports of some antivirus
> > programs causing issues.  What about other processes/programs that are
> > running at the same time?
> I experienced the same kind of problem with GIMP 2.8.14 under Linux
> yesterday. I was trying to edit the levels of an image but the buttons of the
> dialog weren't responding. I quit GIMP, retried: same behaviour. I didn't
> have time to investigate the issue because I was at work but I will see on
> Monday if it's still the same.

I now tried it with gimp-2.8.14-5.mga6 on Mageia Linux x86-64 v6 on XFCE, and
was not able to reproduce it. 2.8.14 was released over a year ago according to
http://www.gimp.org/ so the problem is likely elsewhere.


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