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> Subject: [Gimp-user] Removing a vertical strip
> I'm a complete gimp newbie -
> I installed it on my Fedora-22/KDE laptop yesterday.
> I want to remove a vertical strip from a photo,
> and join the remaining two parts together.
> I'd be very grateful if some kind soul could tell me how to do this.
> I assume I should be using the guillotine tool.
> I have looked at the basic tutorials,
> but have not seen any explicit examples of doing what I need.

You dont say how wide the strip is.

If a very narrow strip, line width say, it may be appropriate to use the clone 
tool and clone the adjacent area

If it is a wide strip, you may wish to use the rectangle select tool.
 a. Select say the left hand area, note the size of the rectangle fo later
 b. Copy (ctrl+c) and paste as a new layer
 c. Now select the right hand area, copy and paste as another new layer

Use your layers dialog to join the two layers

Perhaps use the smudge tool to even out the discontinuity of the join

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