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Timothy Murphy <gayle...@eircom.net> wrote:

> I want to remove a vertical strip from a photo,
> and join the remaining two parts together.

Here's one way.

(1) use the rectangle select tool to select the strip to remove and everything 
to the right of it.

(2) press control-shift-l to "float" the selection (or use select->float)

(3) use the move tool (looks like four arrows moving away, or press "m") and 
press the left arrow and/or shift-left-arrow, or drag the selected area - press 
mouse, press control, drag, to constrain it to be only horizontal and not 

(4) click outside the selected area (pointer changes to an anchor when outside) 
to glue the rectangular flap back down.

(5) if it's all good, use the crop tool to get rid of the right-hand blank part.

(6) use file->export to make a new PNG or JPEG image (or whatever) saving the 


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