Kevin Cozens wrote:

> When it comes to printing, black ink by itself won't give you a real
> dark black. The blackest-black you can get when printing in CMYK is
> C-75 M-68 Y-67 K-90 (from a formula on a web page). These percentages
> are different than I remembered. The main idea is that you need more
> than just black ink. 

That's not correct.
The amount of black generation is controlled by the target CMYK
profile, and you just can't create something that is blacker than your
RGB black when working in RGB.
GIMP is an RGB editor, it can't produce CMYK separations unless you use
a plugin, so the CMYK value in the picker is just a guide of how your
colors are going to be separated when your RGB image is converted to a
specific CMYK space.
You can't force values.

Those CMYK values you provided could be good for a certain CMYK space
(which as a 300% total area coverage) but could be unsuitable for other

At the end it doesn't even matter, as you're absolutely unable to
control how the profile will separate your RGB into CMYK unless you're
using a tool that lets you control that.

In kwisj's case, I'd try to figure out why the printer is producing a
weak black separation (maybe pulling a pure black from the separation,
without any CMY beneath).
That's unlikely that is caused by GIMP or the file produced in GIMP, it
would be the same producing an sRGB image from any other program.

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