El dom, 29-11-2015 a las 16:47 -0300, Gez escribió:
> In kwisj's case, I'd try to figure out why the printer is producing a
> weak black separation (maybe pulling a pure black from the
> separation,
> without any CMY beneath).
> That's unlikely that is caused by GIMP or the file produced in GIMP,
> it
> would be the same producing an sRGB image from any other program.

Aaaand, replying to myself. If that's what I suspect (the printer/RIP
producing pure K plate from the achromatic values), maybe there is a
way to prevent it:

Try to add some color. Instead of pure black, use RGB 1,1,5.

Sometime RIPs, Printer drivers and preflight softwares have specific
rules, as converting pure black to K-only black.
By making it very dark gray and adding some tint to it, you cheat the
RIP so it doesn't do that.

That should work giving you a nice, deep black. Try it and let us know
how it went.

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