Hello, thanks for your answers, what I need is to take some figures
from an ai file and insert them into my gimp project, i am not very
familiar with inkscape, i dont get done my things, gimp on the other
hand is great for this.


2015-12-01 17:32 GMT-05:00, Gez <lis...@ohweb.com.ar>:
> El mar, 01-12-2015 a las 15:21 -0500, Alex Vergara Gil escribió:
>> Hello!
>> Is there a way of importing ai files into gimp? I know i canuse them
>> in inkscape but i need to insert some figures in my project, i need
>> them to be very resolutive but converting them to png is not what i
>> expect, results are a disaster. Any hints?
> It's not clear what you need to do. Do you need to insert figures into
> your AI file, or do you need to take some figures from the AI and use
> them in your GIMP project?
> Gimp should be able to import ai files since they are based on PDF
> (from illustrator 10). If it doesn't, try to rename your file.ai to
> file.pdf and try again.
> Note, however, that importing them into GIMP will result in the
> rasterization of the vector shapes (turning them into bitmap images).
> If you want to keep them as vectors, GIMP is not the program you want.
> Also, if you want to keep the shapes separated from the background,
> rasterization could be a problem too.
> hth,
> Gez.
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