Yes it is possible to automate a sequence of steps, BUT it's a programmatic 
solution - you have to write scripts in Scheme, Python or maybe Perl.

At present (in 2.8.x) the support for scripts is firmly based around low 
bit-depth. I was asking if the API has been updated to incorporate the high-bit 
depth features (and all the GEGL operations), but perhaps that question (and 
the multitude of associated questions) would be better placed on the developers 
mailing list.

From: gimp-user-list <> on behalf of Elle Stone 
Sent: 07 December 2015 16:14
Subject: Re: [Gimp-user] Save and automatically apply a series of editing steps

>> I'd like to be able to open an image file in GIMP (GIMP 2.9, not sure if
>> the version makes a difference) and have a series of editing steps
>> performed automatically.

If I were asking this question just for myself, I'd probably assume that
figuring out "how to" is too much trouble.

However, in addition to my own interest in being able to automate
applying a series of editing steps, recently two other people have sent
me emails asking the same question.

Both of these people are new to GIMP and using my patched version GIMP
2.9 from git. They both seem to like high bit depth GIMP quite a lot.
And both of them are looking for ways to automate steps for faster
throughput when there are a lot of images to edit all at once.

I'm in a total state of confusion as to what Pat's and Kevin's answers
actually mean in practical "how to" terms, so my apologies but I'll try
asking again:

Is it possible right now for users to automate a series of editing steps
in high bit depth GIMP? If yes, is there a guide somewhere? Will the
resulting images be high bit depth images or only 8-bit images?

Best regards,

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