In the 2.6 version of GIMP, when I wanted to add text to a picture, I just
clicked the "Text Tool icon," and in the options part of the toolbox, selected
the font style, size, and color and then clicked on the picture and started to
add text. In the 2.8 version, now when I click on the picture, after I've
already picked what I mentioned before, a little rectangular dialog box, with
the same options mentioned before, appears right above where I am trying to 
insert text. It is irritating and frustrating because I don't want to see it. I
want to just see the photo and the text I am trying to type and it's position
and so on. If I want to adjust or change anything pertaining to the text, I will
do it in the options portion of the toolbox. Is there any way to remove this
dialog box? I don't know why the designers decided to include this but I don't
like it or need it. Please help, if you can. Thank you.

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