Dear Partha

2015-12-21 12:19 GMT-05:00, Partha Bagchi <>:
> Alex,
> 1. Open GIMP 2.9.3
> 2. Open the File Dialog (File -> Open)
> 3. From the drop down list, click on raw image ( File type = raw
> image, Extension = 3fr, ari, arw, cap, cine, cr2, etc.)
> 4. Open your NEF image.
> This will open UFRaw and then do your processing and then open it in GIMP.
> Tell me if this does or does not work. I just tested it and it's fine.
> You are correct that NEF itself is broken and I'll investigate why.
> Thanks,
> Partha

When trying this procedure indeed, the ufraw soft is launched but it says

TIFF image error
Unknown field with tag 36867 (0x9003) encountered

So I think it tries to open it as a TIFF image. Eventhough it still
opens the image as thumbnail, very odd.

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