The preview pane is not meant to show you the image you save, but the selected image in the dialog (the image you would overwrite...). There is a "Save" button at the lower right.

Note that "Save" is only to Gimp's native format (XCF and derivatives) that allow you to continue working on the image. If you want the image in a "publication" format (JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF...) then use File>Export. Once you have selected a file type (which can be done implicitly by just giving the appropriate extension to the file), hit the "Export" button, and you will be shown an options dialog specific to the file type you are using (PNG, JPG, GIF...).

On 28/12/15 10:28, Grizelda Cockwell wrote:
I'm writing to you after a very frustrating couple of hours.  Have to admit to being a 
complete novice, but I'm having a real problem even getting the simplest thing to work - 
ie Saving an image in gimp.   When I try to save anything (in the default format) in the 
"Save as" window, there is no option to Save in the window, neither is the 
image in the preview pane.
I tried uninstalling gimp and reinstalling it in case anything had got creased 
up in the original installation, but the re-installed exactly the same, right 
down to one small alteration I had made which was to put the layers tab into 
the toolbox.
I do hope you can help, because i really like the look of this bit of software, 
and as an artist who is just wanting to produce some camera ready art/graphic 
design work, it seems just what I'm looking for.
Happy New Year to you! Griz

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