>We will need a little more information first... most of this you
>have probably already tried.
>1)  Is the text layer the top layer in your XCF file?
>2)  Is visibility of your text layer on (eyeball icon showing in
>layers dialog dock)?
>3)  Was your text visible at all during any part of the process of
>adding it to the image?
>4)  Is it possible that your text is too small to be visible?  In a
>large high resolution image, the default text size is rather tiny;
>to change it, one must select the text in the box on the image
>canvas, before changing the font size.
>Any other details or etc. you can provide would be helpful in
>figuring this out.
Thanks owen and steve. The initial color is blue with white stars, i did change
the text size but once i started texting, it never showed. When i hide the other
layers i see it but once i make them visible i don't see it. The size is 36,
hinting is medium, color is black and antialiasing is checked.

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