On 01/26/2016 04:01 AM, David wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> from he textual description of a youtube video I found out while having your 
> same problem:
> "GIMP has a very good at working with realistic paint brushes, but the 
> default installation lacks a very useful shortcut. If you have worked with 
> the Paint Brush or Pencil tool, you may have noticed that changing the size 
> of the brush isn't easy. You have to fiddle around with the Size/Scale slider 
> in the tool options on the left. This is a lot of guess work, because it 
> doesn't show a preview size when you are dragging the slider. Have no fear, 
> there is an easier way. Configure the mouse wheel to increase and decrease 
> the brush size when you scroll up or down.
> -Click "Edit"?"Preferences"
> -Under the "Input Devices" section, click "Input Controllers"
> -In the "Active Controllers" column, double-click "Main Mouse Wheel"
> -A new window to configure the controller will pop up. Make sure the second 
> check box, "Enable this Controller" is checked, or else this won't work
> -Find the "Scroll Up" event, (it should be at the top). Double-click it or 
> click "Edit" at the bottom.
> -Click on the "Tools" section and type "increase" in the search field
> -Scroll down and click on the action "Increase Brush Size". The name is 
> "tools-paint-brush-size-increase&qu­ot;. (In some versions of GIMP it was 
> "Increase Brush Scale")
> -Close the window, then edit the "Scroll Down" event
> -This time type "Decrease" in the search bar and locate the "Decrease Brush 
> Size" action. (Name is "tools-paint-brush-size-decrease&qu­ot;)
> -Close the action window, input controller window and click OK in the 
> "Preferences" window
> Now you can simply scroll the mouse wheel to vary the brush size."
> Hope it helps,
> To me, it works perfectly! ;)

"Me too."

I believe this should be a default setting:  It's massively useful,
and most users simply won't be able to find and follow instructions
like those given above.  My own attempt to make a how-to consists of
a brief explanation of the desired end result, and this picture:


I also set control + alt + scroll to dial brush hardness up and
down.  These tweaks have VASTLY accelerated my workflow.


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