Rick Strong (rnstr...@magma.ca) wrote:
> However, it seems that once a path has been stroked it gets rendered into
> pixels and no longer exists as a vector path. Therefore, it cannot be
> altered by the bezier tool. Save the stroking until last and do them on
> separate layers, I would say.

Oh, yeah. Stroking makes Pixels in the current drawable.

We currently don't really have vector objects with stroking/filling
properties, its still all pixels.

In fact I'd recommend to mix tools here: If you need to work mostly with
vectors, use inkscape and maybe generate bitmaps from inkscape if you
need advanced pixel based features then manipulate these from within

Certainly there are things to be improved in GIMP here, but we don't
have any plans to compete with the massive amount of features available
in inkscape.

I hope this helps,

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