Yes, I understand the concept of layers, I've been using them for 15+ years. First in Corel Draw, then in the Adobe products. There are some designs though, where putting each stroke, separately, on it's own layer so that it could be adjusted, would not work.

Please understand that this is not a criticism of Gimp which has lots of great features and will be very handy working on photographs and pixel based art. I plan to hang on to it.

Simon Budig recommended Inkscape for vector work and I will give that a try, too. It has a GUI similar to Draw so the learning curve may not be as high for me.


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On 05/02/16 04:12, Rick Strong wrote:
You are right, the vector path still exists. What I meant was that once a path is stroked a pixel line is produced which cannot be altered with the bezier tool.

That's coherent with the current workings of Gimp. One you have created
a pixel it remains. This is one reason for layers. Use one layer per
object so that you can change that object without impacting the rest.
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