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> GIMP 2.8.14 Windows 7 64
> In Preferences -> Color Management I've selected "Mode of operation" =
> "Color managed display"
> There's a checkbox: "Try to use the system monitor profile" that I'm
> unclear about.
> I've calibrated/profiled my display with ColorMunki hardware. My
> understanding (wrong?) is that ColorMunki installed an appropriate
> profile for my display on the system, and that all output from ANY
> application to the display goes through an OS driver that uses that
> profile. If that is so, my assumption is that GIMP will "use" the
> correct display profile implicitly, without needing to be told to do so.
> I do not understand whether checking "Try to use the system monitor
> profile" is unnecessary, redundant, or even harmful.

When you profile your display you get a two-part result:

- a vcgt/LUT part that does white point correction, applied system-wide
  on login (it's often noticable when this is applied, e.g. with
  slightly colder or warmer colours all-round)

- a gamma/hue/saturation part that has to be applied by individual
  colour-managed programs

On Linux, if you have the right setup, programs can query the system for
what file contains the gamma/hue/saturation part – that's the part
that's applied by the "Try to use the system monitor profile" checkbox.
So this should work in e.g. GNOME or KDE if you've selected your profile
in your system colour management settings, but in desktops like XFCE you
have to run a separate program, or select the profile manually from GIMP

Caveat: I have no formal training in this, please read what the experts
say instead:

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