You should see a checkbox control (Use Editor) in the text tool's Tool 
Options dialog.

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>Date: 18/02/2016 13:32
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>Subj: [Gimp-user] Where is the Gimp Text Editor located
>I am a novice at GIMP and getting more frustrated at every turn. I am 
>a simple map. Outline, rivers, a few geographic features and some 
towns. I 
>want to add text. I think I'm hitting the text icon under Toolbox (A T 
>to an A) but when I hit the function I do not get GIMP TEXT EDITOR. I 
>simply gives me a box that I can type into but will not let me 
>center/copy/past on the map. What am I missing where do I find the 
>TEXT EDITOR box as shown in the tutorial?
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