Hello -
I am using GIMP 2.9.3 from Partha’s Place, on a Mac running OS X; from time to 
time I use a scheme plugin found in the gimpfx-foundry distribution 
(http://gimpfx-foundry.sourceforge.net) called "salonen-vivid-saturation.scm”.  
And, yes, I understand that gimpfx-foundry is unmaintained since ?2008? - 
however that scheme procedure has always worked well for me up to GIMP 2.8.

With GIMP 2.9 I get al alert saying that gimp-curves-spline (called from line 
63 in the .scm procedure) is obsolete, and replaced now by 
gimp-drawable-curves-spline.  The procedure however works; but I know some 
scheme and I would like to edit the .scm file in order to call 
gimp-drawable-curves-spline - but I cannot find on the Internet the synopsis 
for that new function.

The synopsis for the old one is:      gimp-curves-spline (drawable, channel, 
num_points, control_pts)

Can some kind soul tell me how gimp-drawable-curves-spline must be called?

Maurizio Loreti   -   maurizio.lor...@gmail.com

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