Darryl Baker wrote:
Hi, I am probably not sending this to the correct forum but maybe I will find someone who 
knows the answer.  I am trying to send a selection behind another part of the image.  In 
other graphics programs all you have to do is select "send to back" and viola.  
I don't understand why the gimp developers could not make their program just as 
intuitive.  Can you please tell me how to do this in GIMP or direct me to the people who 
have the answer.
Thank you, Darryl

I think you'd need to put the selected part on a separate layer, then move that layer down the layer stack. But unless the part you're trying to move is already on a separate layer, you'd end up with a gap in the original image which you'd need to fill in.

You don't mention which particular "other graphics programs" you're comparing to, but it sounds like they're probably vector editors like Inkscape, MS Visio or LibreOffice Draw. With those, each rectangle, circle, line, etc. is a separate object which can overlap others and be in front or behind them. GIMP is a raster editor, dealing with setting the colour and transparency of pixels rather than vector objects. If you draw a red square, then draw blue square overlapping it, some of the pixels which were set to red when drawing the red square are changed to blue to form the blue square (unless you put the blue square on a separate layer). You can't move either square to uncover the rest of the red square, because they don't exist as separate objects.


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