On 02/27/2016 07:44 AM, brendan c mullally wrote:
> Hi,
> So I’m really into crating works by using a mirror/reflection app called 
> ‘Mirror Effect.’ This app allows one to merge reflected images seamlessly, 
> I love using the app, but I loose tons of pixels in the transfer, and I have 
> not been able to find any software that will allow me to do this so simply 
> and quickly.
> Before trying to answer my question or offer advice, please take a look at 
> one of these reflection merging apps can do.

If it was me I think I would rectangle select the area I wanted to
make into a 'reflection', copy it, and paste it into the image as a
new layer.  Then I would do Layer > Transform > Flip vertically.
There's a 'reflection', that can be moved up or down and scaled on
its vertical axis (if desired) to fit where you want it in the
image.  If transparency is wanted, add a layer mask to the
reflection layer and fill it with a white-to-black vertical
gradient; note that you can go outside the layer with the gradient
to get partial fading as needed.

Not "one click" fast but not at all time consuming, and you get the
exact reflection you want, with GIMP-quality scaling and etc. in the
finished product.  Plus you can edit your saved XCF file if you need
to adjust the reflection effect later on.


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