HI! I am extremely basic with Gimp but i to take miniatures i paint from
generally a white background, selecting just the model itself, and pasting it to
a layer behind it which is either a gradient or a pattern or whatever to create
a nice background and display for my blog. Its a basic function ive been using
for years...for some reason i can no longer do that. I take my main photo, add a
second layer, which before i used to have to add an alpha channel but now it
seems that its already selected on (??)...i add my gradient then move the layer
under the main photo so as to be the background....then magic wand the model,
press delete, the model remains but the underlying layer is not visible, no
matter what i do i cannot get the underlying layer to fill in as a background!!
ive done this a thousand times, what am i doing wrong???:(  ((Truth be told im
really trying to add a background that is a jpg using the open to layers
function but that yields the same zero results.))

Can anyone help?? thanks:)

kcdrums79 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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