According to The Book of GIMP by Olivier Lecarme and Karine Delvare, you need a 
plugin called “XSane” for GIMP to communicate with the scanner. I thoroughly 
recommend this book to any beginner with GIMP.

I haven’t tried using my Canon scanner directly into GIMP. Usually I just use 
the scanner software, then open the file in GIMP. But if they recommend that 
plugin, that’s what I’d use if I were going to do so.

It’s never a bad idea to repair permissions and restart after installing new 
hardware or software, especially drivers. Sometimes it takes more than once for 
the system to “find all its paws.” =^}

Also, you didn’t state what year your Macbook Pro was. If it’s an older one, 
like mine, you will benefit greatly by upgrading to an OWC (OtherWorld 
Computing) SSD and installing newer (faster) RAM. Don’t buy any other brand 
except Apple. According to my local Apple Certified Tech, he’s had nothing but 
trouble with Samsung and a few other brands. OWC is made to Apple specs and has 
a better warranty. The RAM warranty is lifetime. I had no end of problems until 
I did this, both hardware and software. Now I have none.


> On May 2, 2016, at 9:35 PM, uberclimber <> wrote:
> Hi, first-time user and GIMP newbie here. I'm trying to get GIMP to recognise 
> my
> scanner, a Canon MG6130 inkjet printer-scanner. I'm on a Macbook Pro using
> OSX10.10, and I'm using GIMP 2.8.14. I've been to the Canon website and
> downloaded the latest drivers (for both printer and scanner functions). When I
> click File>Create in GIMP, I don't get the Scanner/Camera option. Not sure 
> what
> else I should try. Having installed the drivers, is there something else 
> needed?
> A restart, maybe? Any advice would be appreciated.
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