Isn't there any configuration option to not load all the fonts? Or load them
when I request them, like when I try to use the text tool.

>This is probably just GIMP taking a long time to load fonts, which
>happen after up-grading the OS.
>It hasn't actually crashed, even though the window greys-out and OSX
>complain that GIMP is not responding, the font loading is still going
>and you just need to be patient.
>Another user has recently been through the same thing with OSX 10.11
>reported here:
>The real problem is the ridiculous number and size of fonts which are
>included with Windoze and OSX nowadays.
>The usual advice given on the forums now is just to start Gimp running
>then leave it alone - don't even touch the keyboard or the mouse, just
>up, walk away and go do something else for at least an hour. (Yes,
>When you come back, Gimp will probably be up and running and you will
>have no further problems.
>Having said that, we don't actually know how long it does take on OSX
>10.11. So, if you have the patience, perhaps you could actually keep
>an eye
>on your computer while GIMP is loading the first time (read the
>or something) and hopefully tell us approximately how long it does
> it 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, longer ?
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