>OK, so this is the very same image file opened in Gimp with two 
>different methods? But in the second case, where is this "OK" button?

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

The sequence is that I right-click on a RAW file in file manager and select
"open with Gimp". As its a RAW, it loads a dialog driven by Ufraw and displays
the image. (I take a screen shot of this as evidence).
I then click the OK button which does whatever is necessary to pass the image
into Gimp (i.e. the first dialog closes and a second opens with all familiar
Gimp controls. (I take a second screen shot).

The two captured images are then pasted onto a larger canvas using Gimp.

The differences render Gimp useless for RAW images on this computer, but it is
probably a Ufraw problem.

On the problem laptop (an HP which had a clean install of Ubuntu 16.04) I end up
with gimp-ufraw version "0.20-3build1".

A second laptop works fine. This Asus laptop was upgraded from 15.10 to 16.04
and I have a different gimp-ufraw version "0.22-2dhor~wily.

Ubuntu 15.10 had the project name "Wily" so it either has the more up-to-date
version of Ufraw in its reprository, or I got-lucky by some other means, as the
current/latest version of ufraw is 0.22.

>Help>About tells the truth.

I questioned the Gimp version because you would normally expect the application
version to be reflected in the install details, but this is not the case
following "git-describe".

Thanks once again for your input. I'm now looking for the easiest way to trick
Ubuntu into allowing me to install ufraw 0.22 over what it seems to think is the
latest version.

Ubuntu/Lubuntu release 16.04 seems to contain a number of packaging problems
(including AviDemux & Gambas) so I guess this can also be added to the list.

SteveDee (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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